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Does newgrounds pay you?

I give it a 10 mainly because the point is clear.

But on to my title of this review.. Youtube pays for what you upload WHEN you get a lot of views. I am 22 years old and just working at a regular job still and I know a kid who is in Grade. 10 earning $1000 per month making LEGO stop motions. Im not lying to you I know the guy in person and he is in partnership with Youtube.

So don't get mad if you see an official artist from NG uploads their stuff on Youtube because they are probably trying to make a living out of it. BUt of course if the videos are not being uploaded by the owner then yea thats where things can go wrong.

There is your reason why Youtube is more popular... can NG do the same thing?

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SamGreen responds:

NewGrounds pays in ad revenue, you can read more about it in the Flash API under the Newgrounds Wiki part of the website.

So I get a percentage of the advertising money depending upon the popularity of my or your animation or game.

It's free to use so WHY NOT!? Give it a go.

pretty funny

the facial expressions did it


It was so retarded in a funny way. Even the description of the video is jokes.

Thumbs up for SH3 song in the start also.

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The reborn of Tyrian

Well kind of lol. The style of it was really similar to a MS DOS game called Tyrian which was a very excellent game.

Anyways, this game is really good. Nice effects. Could work on better sound quality other than that this game rocks.

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Reasonable Ratings ***~

I cant believe the amount of people giving this game 10s.

Your just making the creator of this game worst.

Ok Ofcourse the graphics were good for a flash but pixolated graphics at this time can be very irritating. Other than the the graphics were good-ok for a mini game like this. Passing through walls/buildings(not all odjects), I dont like that idea either.

The interactivity was ok I like the speed up and picking ojects idea.

The sound.......... The sound were a bit weird as if it was being recorded or too bufferish. BUT the music you put. Were excellent. There was this one song I liked, where everytime you defeated the boss. That song was great.


This game was good in general. If you just bumped it up just a lil bit more. This game will be better.

About the song... whats the title of it?

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Anyone who bombs this either -

hates you
jealous of you

and lastly

don't know music

Good work!! Do you have a youtube account?

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Maverlyn responds:

yes but i have stopped posting there since its too much of a hassle :P

great stuff

I wish it could be more heavier but still good : D

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aeop responds:

Ha, I originally composed this on the piano!

very good and simple



BOTH!! Good stuff man!!

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acmeDyne responds:


love music

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